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Excursion tips


Miniature Park kynzvart+deti_velky.jpg - Boheminium

  • Educational and learning centre with perfect copies (scale of 1:25) of significant buildings and feats of engineering in the Czech Republic in the picturesque environment of a scenic park.



100 m to the right of the upper cableway station  approximately a 2-minute walk



Educationpěší turistika.jpgal trail- Lázeňské lesy

  • There is educational trail on the top part  of the cabin cableway.
  • The trail is equipped with interesting information panels that present the flora, fauna, and local historical, natural, and social points of interest, plus more.
  • The trail is 5.2 km long and accessible all year.




         Hamelika P1100343.JPGLookout Tower

  • The stone observation tower, on the highest point of the Hamelika Hill at the altitude of 722.6 m, was built in 1876 in the style of a romantic ruin.
  • The round, twenty-metre high stone lookout tower, with a diameter of 5.5 m, has a left-handed spiral staircase of one hundred stairs leading to the top.




1.5 km from the upper cableway station

approximately a 15-minute walk





Don’t hesitate – borrow a scooter right by the cableway!

  • Experience a downhill run on off-road scooters from the upper Krakonoš cableway station.
  • You will take the cableway to the peak and from there you ride along forest paths and downhill ski slopes.
  • Rental by the Koliba cableway boarding point.  
  • Scooter price: CZK 120 per person.
  • Price includes: scooter, helmet, cableway ticket. Programme duration: approximately 1 hour
 You need nothing but determination, enthusiasm and a good mood…


Zpivajici-fontana-230x172-nahled.jpgSinging Fountain

  • The Singing Fountain is located on the place in front of the Main Colonnade
  •   There is a daily program of music from 7 a.m. every odd hour, at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. projection with colourful illumination.
  • The Singing Fountain was first heard on the 30th of April 1986.






Deer's park 

  • The deer park is located close to the hotel Krakonos.
  • At the end of the park there is a fenced meadow.
  • There the visitors can observe fallow and roe deer at a very close distance.



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